White water rafting in Kymijoki

Are you organising a company trip, a bachelor party or a birthday party? The Kymijoki rapids offer a stunning setting for trips. Led by experienced guides, you can safely experience the splashes and froth of the Kymijoki rapids.

The most famous white water rafting routes in Southern Finland are located in Kymijoki, for example Langinkoski, Pernoonkoski and Kultaankosket, as well as Huruksela and Laajakoski offer versatile adventures amongst the wild nature - still only a short drive from, for example Helsinki. Get to know our versatile route options and our activities, and book your white water rafting trip now!

Summery white water rafting trip to Kymijoki

  • 4-10 people
  • Duration: approximately 3 hours
  • Route: Kultaa-Pernoo
  • Includes: Guide, white water rafting raft, safety gear, rain gear, and coffee and buns at the lean-to.

Offer: €400

Kultaa - Laajakoski. 2.5 hour trip

White water rafting adventure begins from the Kultaa rapids where the preparations for the trip are made. The first part of the journey is done on calm waters where it is good to practice paddling. Half way through the journey we stop at the lean-to for camp-fire coffee and picnic food. After the break we continue towards Pernoonkoski where three fast rapids are waiting for us.

  • Execution: 1.5- 15.10 / Pre-order
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Group size: 2 - 60
  • Price: From €400 / raft / max 10 people
  • Includes: White water rafting, equipment, rafting guides, coffee, picnic food, all the necessary safety equipment and the liability insurance.
  • For additional cost: Transportation, sauna and dining

Huruksela - Laajakoski. A night in Kymijoki!

Experience the outstanding over-night river trip to Kymijoki. The trip begins from the Hurus village where the rubber dinghy is packed and the preparations for the trip are made. The journey to the Ahvio rapids is 3km which will be travelled either with the motor on or just by letting the current lead us. After surviving the Ahvio rapids we continue our journey towards the rapids in Kultaa. In Kultaa we enjoy camp-fire coffee and picnic food, and if the weather and the water temperature are favourable, we will try to swim in the rapids. From Kultaa, the journey continues to the riverside lean-to where we enjoy the evening... sauna, swimming, angle fishing, camp-site dining, sitting by the fire... After spending the night at the lean-to and enjoying breakfast, we have the three impressive Pernoo rapids to experience!! We finish the trip at the ski track house in Laajakoski.

  • Execution: 1.5- 1.10 / Pre-order
  • Duration: 20-24 hours.
  • Group size: 2 - 10
  • Price: Contact us!
  • Includes: Mandatory white water rafting equipment, accident insurance, picnic food, camp-site dinner, breakfast and over-night gear (sleeping bag and sleeping mat).

The trip can also be done by paddling in American Indian canoes, in which case we will avoid the Pernoo rapids, and after spending the night in the lean-to we end the trip in the Kultaa rapids.