Boat fishing area in Korkeakoski

The row boat fishing area in Korkeakoski starts from the water area below the Korkeakoski fishing jetty and continues almost all the way to the sea. The fishing area is four kilometres wide which means there are more challenging and rewarding fishing destinations in this area than any other part of Kymijoki. Salmon and trout arrive in the area to spawn in early July and stay until the autumn. The large trout also arrives in the area in early spring and during the late season. Catching "the big one" is most likely in the Korkeakoski boat area with the aid of our rowing guides. We also organize row boat fishing trips to the Siikakoski boat area which offers big surprises from time to time, considering the small size of the area.

  • Catches: salmon, sea trout and rainbow trout
  • Forms of fishing: row boat salmon fishing
  • Fishing season: early spring to the end of the year
  • The top fishing season are spring, late summer and autumn, especially the end of the year
  • Recommended group size: 2 or 4 people, the customers with the guide in each boat
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Fishing trip includes: guides, boat, fishing licences and equipment and coffee in the Kievari