The fishing jetty in Korkeakoski

The fishing jetty in Korkeakoski is the most famous fishing destination of large salmon and rainbow trout in Kymijoki. The fishermen on the fishing jetty drag out dozens, even hundreds of salmons weighing over 10kg every year. The destination is perhaps even more famous for their large trout. At least 5kg more of trout is being caught here than in any other fishing destination in Southern Finland. A large number of rainbow trout are planted in the area in the early spring which increases the chances of catching a fish. The fishing jetty is for our use only during our company events in the spring time where you are guaranteed to catch a rainbow trout. In the autumn, we organize whitefish catching days when a great many of the silver colour fish are caught.  The restaurant kalastuskievari in the area serves us coffee and food. Kalastuspiste Kotka offers all the fishing gear and equipment needed in fishing.

  • Catches: salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout and whitefish
  • Forms of fishing: spin fly and spoon fishing, and whitefish rod.
  • The fishing season: throughout the year (if the weather allows during the winter months)
  • The best fishing seasons are spring, the entire summer and the autumn, as well as the late autumn white fish fishing
  • Recommended group size: 5-30 people (private jetties for larger groups)
  • Duration: 4-6 hours.
  • Fishing trip includes: guides, fishing licences and equipment, coffee in Kievari, and food if necessary.