Ykköspooli in Koivukoski

The Ykköspooli area is one of the most likely places in Kymijoki to catch a salmon or trout.  Fishing is done in a fully private fishing area below the Koivukoski dam and the power plant. There are two spinning jetties; one below the Koivukoski power plant and one above the Ruha area. The Ykköspooli area is the best row boat fishing area in the whole of Kymijoki for catching a large salmon. There are very few fishermen in the area, so the chances of catching a large salmon are always there. Rainbow trout are planted in the area almost throughout the season to increase the chances of catching a fish. The area has a private camping lean-to for sharing fishing stories and enjoying camp-site coffee and snacks.

  • Catches: salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout and whitefish
  • Types of fishing: fly, spin fly, spoon and row boat fishing
  • The fishing season: throughout the year (if the weather allows during the winter months)
  • The best fishing seasons are early spring, late summer and especially the autumn
  • Recommended group size: 10 people
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Fishing trip includes: guides, boats, fishing licences and equipment, campsite coffee and food, if necessary.