Fishing trips

Experience the unique rapids areas of Kymijoki and the fishing opportunities of the Kotka maritime area

At the core of our expertise is the organization of various fishing trips and events on Kymijoki for groups of different sizes and skill levels with our expert guides. Contact us, and we’ll plan just the right fishing trip for your group. By separate agreement, we will also organize meals in nature and cabin accommodations for your group in our partners’ quality villas right on the riverbank near fishing spots. In addition to local fishing permits (not the fisheries management fee) and any fishing equipment needed, all our trips include coffee brewed on an open fire and little snacks. Meals will be arranged separately on a case-by-case basis. Just contact us and let us know what you need – we’ll arrange it. Kymijoki has plenty of challenge for fishers of all skill levels from spring to autumn. We are able to organize a fishing event for groups as large as 40 persons at a time.

Fishing locations at our disposal

With us, you’ll be able to visit all public fishing areas on Kymijoki, in addition to which we’ll also have the privilege of fishing in our own peace and quiet in our private rapids areas in the naturally beautiful Kymijoki rapids of Kultaa and Pernoo, where fishing is otherwise prohibited. We have over 30 years of experience with these areas, getting around in them and their fishing.

We naturally also have round-the-year access to the Ykköspooli corporate fishing area in Koivukoski as well as the October “prime time” in Siikakoski and Kukuljärvi.

Fishing seasons

With us, you’ll get to fish around the year, and on Kymijoki, you’ll even be able to fish with our guides under an ELY center special permit during close season, when fishing in the areas is only allowed under supervision with a policy of ”catch and release” for the species covered by the close season. In the winter, when Kymijoki is frozen and inaccessible for fishing, we will organize a fishing event for your group on Kukuljärvi with rainbow trout ice fishing and salmon soup served at a lean-to.

In the summer heat, we will catch mighty asps in the brine of the rapids. Pike fishing at its best offers great experiences throughout the season, while salmon catching is at its best on Kymijoki in July before the waters warm up, and again in September-October, when the waters cool down once more. The best season for catching sea trout is the spring and early summer, but also the period from late October to the end of the year, weather permitting. From September to the beginning of the winter, the rapids of Kymijoki are also great for catching grayling, which we have lengthy experience with. Grayling is primarily a catch for fly fishers, and catching it requires some experience in order to be productive.


We will move in the rapids and between them using inflatable dinghies that can fit four fishing customers in addition to the guide. The dinghies provide easy access to the islets in the rapids, where we will be able to move and fish effortlessly using wading pants. We can fish using a fly or a lure – the choice is up to you. You can also learn how to fish with a fly, if you want. We also have several rowing boats available on the river and lake.