The Kukuljärvi fishing regulations

We organize fishing on Kukuljärvi by selling fishing permits to private individuals for unguided fishing. By obtaining a permit, anyone is allowed to fish around the year under the terms listed below. On order, we also organize guided fishing trips on the lake for private individuals as well as groups.

Fishing techniques and restrictions:

  • Rowboat lure fishing, cast and fly fishing, ice fishing during the winter. During ice-free season, 1 rod allowed per fisher; 2 rods per fisher allowed for ice fishing during winter.
  • Mashing and using feeders are prohibited. The use of hook and line and ice fishing tip-ups, live bait and paste bait is prohibited during the summer. The use of planers in boat fishing is prohibited.
  • The catch quota is 2 salmonids / permit (rainbow trout, whitefish), 1 salmonid / permit with a youth permit
  • All pikes must be released back to the lake unharmed.

1. The ELY center has prohibited the use of hook and line, ice fishing and lure fishing on the lake, thereby excluding fishing on the lake from everyman’s rights and general fishing rights. (ELY center decision Dnro 1669/5711/2015)

2. These fishing regulations apply to all fishing on Kukuljärvi in Loviisa. Fishing is allowed around the year for everyone under the terms and restrictions outlined here. In addition to fishing regulations, fishers must abide by the Fishing Act and Fishing Decree as well as regulations and restrictions governing the nature reserve around the lake. When obtaining a fishing permit, a fisher agrees to abide by the abovementioned regulations and decrees as well as the ones mentioned below.

3. The organization, implementation and supervision of fishing are the responsibility of Fishingcenter Kotka / Fishventures Oy (business ID 2175795-0) and fishing inspectors appointed by it.

4. Everyone shall move and fish in the area at their own responsibility and shall be liable for any damages caused. Leaving waste or fish parings in the environment is prohibited; they must always be taken along. There is no special waste disposal for fishers.

5. A fishing permit only grants a right for fishing using a rod within a reserved area in accordance with fishing regulations. The beach area falls outside the fishing area during ice-free season. A fishing permit is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

6. When fishing, everyone must be carrying a receipt for the payment of a fishing permit for Kukuljärvi. In addition, everyone between the ages of 18-64 must carry a receipt of the payment of a valid state fisheries management fee. These receipts must be presented to a fishing inspector on request.

7. A fishing permit is a single period of 12 hours, the start of which is determined by the fisher when buying the permit. The starting time of the permit must be marked on the fishing permit / receipt for payment.

8. After the quota has been reached, fishing may continue as catch-and-release fishing (C&R) for the duration of the permit during ice-free season. During winter, C&R fishing is prohibited, and the permit expires after the fisher has caught 2 salmonids (rainbow trout/whitefish).

9. Every fisher has a responsibility to report their catch to the fishing organizer. The report can be sent by e-mail to fishventures@gmail.com. Catch information is used for things like planning future fish planting for the lake. You may also send to this address photos, comments and development suggestions regarding the lake and fishing.

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