Kukuljärvi - a wilderness fishing lake in Ruotsinpyhtää on the border between Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso

We organize fishing on Kukuljärvi by selling fishing permits to private individuals for unguided fishing. By obtaining a permit, anyone is allowed to fish around the year under the terms listed below. On order, we also organize guided fishing trips on the lake for private individuals as well as groups.

Kukuljärvi is a rare kind of 13-hectare lake in southern Finland, as there are no cabins along its shores; only a lean-to in the northeast corner of the lake that serves the needs of fishers and hikers. There is a hiking route that goes around the lake, so access is easy along the paths and one may fish from the shore or from a rental rowboat. In Kukuljärvi, we plant fishing rod-sized rainbow trout a few times a year. The lake is ideally suited for things like float tube fishing. Familiarize yourself with fishing regulations before you start fishing. Fishing clubs and other communities may also reserve the entire lake for their own use, and terms are always settled on a case-by-case basis.