The Siikakoski and Kokonkoski fishing areas

The Siikakoski and Kokonkoski fishing areas (1.10-31.12)

We now have a fresh new offer of fishing trips in the autumn special area of Siikakoski and Kokonkoski. Fishing in this famous place is entirely private, for at this time of the year, the river is closed for other fishing. We have access to the entire Siikakoski and its boat fishing area as well as Kokonkoski, where rowboat fishing is also allowed for the only time of the year. This is probably the place where you’re most likely to get that record fish at the end of your rod, as several salmon of about 20 kilograms are caught there every year. Also located in the area is the Ruhavuolle barbecue shelter, where we’ll enjoy provisions with coffee brewed on an open fire.

  • Catch: salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout and whitefish
  • Fishing techniques: fly, lure, rowboat and whitefish rod fishing
  • Fishing season: 1 October – 31 December (weather permitting)
  • The best season lasts for the entire fishing season
  • Recommended group size: 10 persons
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • The fishing trip includes: guides, boats, fishing permits and equipment, coffee brewed on an open fire and meals, if needed.