Fishing and memorable experiences
on Kymijoki and Kukuljärvi

Fishing and memorable experiences on Kymijoki and Kukuljärvi

Fishing Center Kotka is the web site and ”trademark” of the Kotka-based fishing tourism company Fishventures Oy. We organize guided fishing trips for corporate and private groups in all fishing areas on the lower part of Kymijoki, including the private area of Ykköspooli. We also operate on Kukuljärvi in Ruotsinpyhtää (Loviisa).

With the guidance of our experienced fishing guides who are well familiar with fishing spots, species of fish and fishing techniques, we will organize a quality day of fishing for you and your group at the destination of your choice at Kymijoki or Kukuljärvi, with catering and accommodation, if need be. Kymijoki is a fabulous setting for catching either migratory fish, large pikes or strong asps under the instruction of our guides. We always follow the regional and seasonal restrictions and rules applicable to the fishing location and time, as well as the terms of ELY center special permits.

We oversee the rapids areas of Kultaa and Pernoo in Kymijoki, where we organize fishing with exclusive rights. We also oversee and organize fishing on the wild Kukuljärvi in eastern Uusimaa near the Strömfors Iron Mill. The lake operates under the principle of ”farm and fish”, and is at the disposal of fishermen and -women around the year for a permit fee. We also closely partner with Kalastuspiste Kotka, the most diverse fishing equipment shop in Kotka located near the Korkeakoski casting pier.